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To find out more about how these sales work please visit the About Us page. We highly recommend that you read this page to have a full understanding of our program and to help determine weather this type of buying is for you.

                                                         New for 2013

See our Fly & Buy program! The lenders we deal with take pride in providing the highest quality vehicle repossessions! If the repossession is not as described when you get there the flight is on us!
CLICK HERE for details on this program.


    New Listings 3/16 to 3/31 at 6 PM Pacific time




#5045 - Georgetown Class A- yr 2013 model 378TS- miles 15,671- 2 slides- leather- Onan Generator- ford V-10 362HP engine- 42" flat screen tv- Navigation system- DVD/CD/ King bed- solid service counter tops- Corian tops in kitchen- Stock photos- Location- Dallas Tx- Low retail $87,850  Average retail $105,850.




#5046 - Salem travel trailer- 2009- model 20FB- fully self contained travel trailer- Location- San Jose Ca-stock- Offer over $5,000. 




#5047 - Phoenix cruiser- yr 2013- Model 2100- non-slide- ford V-10 engine- onan generator- 27" flat screen TV-CD-DVD- Fully self contained.low retail $53,984  Average retail $65,044 Stock photos- location Sacramento Ca.http://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/2013/Phoenix-Cruiser/M-2100/6027195/Values  RERUN 




#5048 - Mazda 6 -yr 2013- model Sport-6Cyl-AT/PS/PB/Air/PW/ miles 27,014- New Tires and detail- location- Santa Clara ca. Average trade in 11,925  Clean retail $15,400.http://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/2013/Mazda/Mazda6-4-Cyl/Sedan-4D-i-Sport/Values


#5049 - Nissan Altima Cp yr 2013 -Model 2.5S- automatic- S series trim-
43,811 miles - 
New tires and brakes- location- Sacramento Ca.
Average trade in 13,300  Clean retail 16,950

#5050 - Mercury Verado outboard- yr 2013- model 150 CXL- 25" shaft length- 150 Hp 4 cyl- Never used with zero hours- the lender has (2) for sale. Location Miami Fl . 


#5051 - Mercury Outboard - Verado 300XXl- yr 2013- 300HP- 6 CYL- Motor only no control package- The lender has (1) of these motors in the crate with no hours. RERUN  
Location- Dallas Tx. List price $24,335.http://www.nadaguides.com/Boats/2013/Mercury/300XXL-VERADO/32034251/Outboard-Motors-Values RERUN


#5045 - $66,000

#5046 - $5,000

#5047 - $40,000

#5048 - $10,000

#5049 - $11,500

#5050 - $9,000 2 for sale

#5051 - $11,000


(Offers made MUST be higher than the amounts posted. Lower or equal offers will not be accepted.)

Please note: Current High Offers DO NOT automatically update as offers come in. Current High Offers are only updated once a day until the last day of the sale at
which time there will be no more updates. *Most buyers will wait until the last day
 of the sale after the last update to submit their final BEST OFFER. 

REPO Listings Price Guide

Current High Offers
- The Current High Offers posted above reflect the highest known offer on each unit at the beginning of each business day throughout the entire RV Help-U-Sell network, not just for this location. This amount does not reflect the actual current high offer at any given time throughout the entire RV Help-U-Sell network as offers are always coming in at random times. These amounts do not update as offers come in because we do not know what other RV Help-U-Sell locations are taking in for offers. This is why it is always best to make your offer for the most you are willing to pay for the unit you want to buy,
regardless of what the above posted Current High Offer is


To take part in these sales we require that all participants
be aware of as well as agree to the Terms and Conditions
of these sales that are as outlined below. Please read them.

Terms and Conditions:

(1) Buyer must provide a valid email address as well as contact phone number to allow for offers to be verified by phone if necessary. All offers that can not be verified by phone within 24 hours of receiving it will be considered void and will not be forwarded to the lender. On the last day of the sale buyer must be available by phone to be contacted to confirm their offer.

(2) Offers with conditions or stipulations attached will NOT be accepted.

(3) Offers that do not exceed the posted "Lender Reserve Price" will NOT be accepted.

(4) Offers must include buyers preferred payment method, cash of finance. If you wish to finance you will be required to complete a simple 5 line credit app. to the lender. Typical credit approval is a 700 or better FICA score and 10-15% down payment.

(5) Offers must include buyers choice of taking delivery in person or having the unit shipped.

(6) Offers must include buyers choice to inspect unit in person, have an independent third party perform inspecting, or decline inspection.

(7) The buyer will have no more than 7 days to inspect the unit. Units will NOT be delivered for inspection only purposes. It is up to the buyer to travel at their own expense to view and inspect the unit if they so choose.

*You must be Ready To Buy right now if the vehicle condition meets your expectations!
 If you are not ready to buy right now and are still unsure of exactly what you want, then please do not participate in these sales. The lenders that we represent are serious about selling and expect to only deal with people that serious about buying and are ready to buy right now.

Due to rising fuel cost FREE Delivery is no longer provided. However the lender will pay up to $1,000 towards the cost of delivery. If the buyer takes delivery of the unit directly from the lender, the lender will deduct $1,000 from the cost of the unit.

Ready to make your "No Obligation" BEST OFFER?
Please use the following form. Thank you and good luck!

                Best Offer Contact Form                   

 Please use this form ONLY for submitting an offer. If you have a question please go to the QUESTIONS & COMMENTS page of the website and us that form for questions. Be sure to fill this form out completely as this is forwarded directly to the lender and is what they would use to contact you should you be high offer. Thank you.
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Daytime Phone: *
Evening Phone:
Email: *
Stock # *
Offer Amount: *
Cash or Finance: *
Inspection Required Yes or No *
Pick Up or Delivery: *

Please Note: The box below must be checked when you submit your offer or your offer will not be valid and will not be forwarded to the lender.

 Required I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this sale and that by placing an offer agree to carry out the purchase of the vehicle I offer on if it is in satisfactory condition and meets my expectations. I also acknowledge that the website marketing these vehicles is strictly an advertising company and is not the legal owner of these vehicles and has no control over offers that are accepted or declined by the legal owner.

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